The Truth About Cellulite Review: Naked Beauty Symulast by Joe Atlas

Let’s face it, all women worldwide who carry cellulite with them would like to get rid of it. But the problem is that there are many cellulite treatments offered to us by the media that many people don’t even know where to begin, not to mention how to choose the best cellulite treatment solution for them.

And The Truth About Cellulite: Naked Truth Symulast Method is are discussion in this article which we will be reviewing.

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Let’s make something clear though, if you want to get rid of cellulite and consider going to doctors and get yourself on the surgery table, then you need to rethink what your goals and values are.

First, it doesn’t solve anything – You may lose it for a short period of time only to get it back later in the very same places. Second, why would any women chose to have her legs cut and have fat removed from under their skins? Not a good idea that in most cases include negative side effects.

There are many cellulite treatments you can apply at home, and not only these are effective; but they are very healthy because you will need to get yourself exercising in order to utilize them which is good for your cellulite removal and also good for your health. Getting rid of cellulite takes hours for many women and most of these women are quite busy raising their kids or taking care of their career.

Losing cellulite by using cellulite exercises is certainly the best solution for these women since it only requires about 20 minutes every day and you can do the exercises before you go to sleep or even when you watch television. Cellulite exercise is not targeted at fat-burn and therefore it won’t consume too much energy from you and won’t take hours to finish.

The Truth About Cellulite: How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

When thinking about getting rid of a problem; many people are seeking external solutions that should make miracles and solve our problem quickly and effectively. This simply happens because for years and years we have been taught by marketing agencies and advertising companies that the solution to every problem we have is in buying into the external instead of working on ourselves. This a well known financial manipulation made by people with financial attachments to solving our problems.symulast

If you want to get rid of cellulite on thighs, you probably should avoid listening to everything you here in the media. The media tells us that cellulite is a disease and we can only get rid of cellulite when we purchase specific creams that the same companies are financially attached to while we can really get rid of cellulite only by using training our body the right way.

Cellulite often appears on women’s upper thighs and in some cases can appear in other places. Cellulite is what happens when we have weak muscles in between our body fat and the skin and since fat is much smoother than muscle; we get this clumsy look of cellulite in our body.

Nowadays; when it comes to getting rid of cellulite, the trend is to go natural. Simply train our body in specific regions using specific cellulite elimination targeted exercise. There are quite a few training programs that teach you how to get rid of cellulite on thighs using nothing but your body and doing that in your own home.

While a lot of these programs are full of empty promises; there are some programs that are actually working and are simple and fun to use. Get rid of your cellulite is a program created by Joey Atlas who is a famous body trainer and goes by the name of “The naked beauty” cellulite elimination program.

Basically; you learn which exercises are targeting your cellulite problem instead of the old fashioned exercises that we all know which are intended to burn fat, but are not as effective in cellulite elimination because these are not targeted at your upper thighs. The best way to go when it comes to getting rid of cellulite is to train your body. You can see results in just under a month and it is a lot healthier to you, not to mention the health benefit of exercising regularlyJoey Atlas symulast system

Who Is Joey Atlas?

Joey Atlas is an extremely recognized and respected body and well being specialist inside the wellness sector, and as opposed to a number of other health and fitness experts; Joey is a REAL person rather than simply a marketer.

Joey is the creator of the most popular physical fitness course labeled “Fatness to Fitness“, creator of the course known as “”THE NAKED BEAUTY””, and publisher of his very own products and solutions. Joey launched “The naked beauty” intended for ladies who are struggling with cellulite, specifically cellulite around the lower areas of their bodies.

What Causes Cellulite In One’s Body?

Cellulite are those sections on a person’s body that have a dimpled appearance. Its appearance results from fat deposits bulging out underneath the surface of the skin. This condition typically begins to develop after puberty occurring in a person’s buttocks, thighs, abdomen and/or legs.

Cellulite affects both women and men; however, it is more common in females. Men rarely get cellulite because they have thicker skin layers in the thighs and buttocks than women do.


There are several factors that can contribute to cellulite. These factors include genetics, hormones, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyles, various medications and smoking.

1. Since certain genes play a role in cellulite, the tendency for it can be genetic.

2. Both of the female hormones, progesterone and estrogen, can encourage cellulite formation. Progesterone can cause such things as weight gain, water retention and weak veins. Estrogen stimulates fat cells to develop in such areas as the buttocks, breasts and thighs.

3. Pregnant women experience high levels of both water retention and hormones. Excessive hormones weaken connective tissues, veins and lymphatic vessels; and can lead to cellulite. As the uterus grows, it presses on veins and lymphatic vessels causing decreased circulation and lymphatic drainage.

4. When people are extremely inactive; their circulatory systems, venous systems and lymphatic systems do not function properly. These systems need muscle contractions to function; and in sedentary persons, these veins and vessels stretch. Stretched vessels and veins can cause such things as poor circulation, leaking and water retention. Sedentary people are often over weight, as well, which can make cellulite even worse.

5. Various medications can encourage different hormone changes within the body. This can cause rapid accumulation of fat. Some common medications, that can encourage cellulite formation, are sleeping pills, birth control pills and diet pills.

6. Smoking can be damaging to people’s health in a vast array of ways. Smoking can affect people’s hearts and lungs, and can cause cancer and other ailments. It can also destroy and weaken a person’s skin, causing cellulite.

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The 5 Stages Of Cellulite Formation

There are five stages involved in the formation of cellulite. Following is an explanation of each of these five stages.

1st Stage: In this stage, there are no visible signs of cellulite. When there is a disruption to the normal functioning of the circulatory system, this stage begins. There are many causes of poor circulation including genetics, hormones and even tight clothes. When the circulatory system is not functioning properly, toxins and fat cells become trapped within the body.

2nd Stage: Poor circulation can cause weak veins and/or capillaries and blood to leak into surrounding tissues. When this happens, the pressure from the leakage can cause even more circulatory problems. Bodily fluids often become trapped, and sometimes the skin becomes discolored.

3rd Stage: This is the stage where cellulite becomes visible. Pressure in various parts of the body causes the excess lymphatic fluids to bulge out, causing the lumps associated with cellulite.

4th Stage: When there is no treatment for stage 3, stage 4 will begin to develop. In stage 4, the lymphatic fluids cause tissues to become thick, resulting in even more circulatory problems. Affected areas in stage 4 may often feel cold.

5th Stage: In the last stage of cellulite formation, subcutaneous fats are totally trapped between tissues, and they cannot be released due to poor circulation. Pressure will continue to increase and cause even more lumps on the skin.

Can Total Cellulite Formation Be Avoided?

People can stop total cellulite formation if they do not let it go beyond the 3rd stage. Dieting and regular exercise are highly effective in curing stages one through three. Massage is also helpful as it encourages circulation and fluid retention to spread out.

Can People Get Rid Of Stage Four Or Five Cellulite?

The answer to this question is unquestionably yes. There are many products, available on the market, promising to get rid of stage four and stage five cellulite. However, The Truth About Cellulite is a system that has proven to be highly effective and has received outstanding reviews from satisfied consumers.

What Is The Truth About Cellulite About?

Naked Beauty Method course is a workout plan established by lower human body professional coach, Joey Atlas. The objective of this program is to assist women of all ages minimize or even remove the cellulite which shows up on the upper thighs as well as bottom simply by using a group of brief and concentrated weight exercise routines which can be done at home. The particular exercise concentrates on ones cellulite areas and enhances the muscles tone through strengthening all these parts.


What You Get In “Truth About Cellulite: The Naked Beauty”?

* Naked Beauty Cellulite Elimination Guide
This is actually the most important item which shows you the right way to become cellulite-free using straightforward exercise routines you are able to use in your own home.

* Personalized Cellulite Elimination Routines Plan
Atlas throws inside a 7 days a week plan which already possesses ones anti-cellulite exercise strategies mapped out. Every day you study something you’re able to do for getting you closer to becoming cellulite-free. It’s a mix of diverse approaches which will keep the challenge intriguing and fun.

* “Top Secret” Anti-Cellulite Cardio exercise
This is the collection of THREE, 18-minute cardio exercise workouts which are guaranteed to assist remove cellulite rapidly. When you don’t want to do some of these, there are alternate options that you could try out which will have the very same outcome. Then again, these SEVERAL unique types have proven to be useful in cellulite reduction, time and time again.

* Smooth Sexy Abs: Streaming Training video
This is the 9-minute movie guide for the laser-targeted “tummy-tightening” training to assist in cellulite diminishment.

* Tightly Toned Hands: Online Streaming Training video
This really is a great 8-minute video clip guide about shrinking these arms – fantastic for ladies who desire to eliminate “jelly arms”.

* Woman Whole Body – House Workout plans DVD
This is the full-body and whole health course you’re able to do at home and doesn’t require use of any health and fitness center machines or equipment.

The Pro’s and Con’s of the Truth About Cellulite course:


* The Naked Beauty course is backed up with plenty of good testimonials.
* Joey Atlas is famous for his experience in coaching women of all ages to get better looks.
* Every one of the routines within the course are weight workouts which could effortlessly be performed at home.
* The whole workout routine you should perform requires FIFTEEN minutes when you start and TWENTY TWO minutes when you develop muscle. Every one of the routines is generally uncomplicated and will not require massive amount hard work.
* You should discover results in just TWENTY FOUR days given that you do comply with the plan.
* This system consists of a variety of great add-ons such as video workout plans for ones abs and hands.
* The Naked beauty has a SIXTY (60) day money-back guarantee.


* The Truth About Cellulite program won’t help to eliminate extra fat. The particular objective would be to develop muscles tone to prevent the look of cellulite. You should not mistake this for any fat loss system.
* Primarily targets ones cellulite body parts thus that are a much targeted exercise program for just one objective exclusively.

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