Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton Review

There are less aggressive ways of increasing the breast size in woman besides implants or surgery. Many woman feel more confident, some more attractive with a bigger bust size despite the reason behind the motive there are many programs and articles on how to get bigger boobs naturally and effectively but how can one be certain she is following proven methods in increasing the bust size?.

One such online publication is by Jenny Bolton called “Boost Your Bust” where she claims to reveal proven secret methods in how to increase breast size at home.

Boost Your Bust Review

What Causes Breasts to Get Bigger?

The size of a women’s breast is determined by genes and is strict or hard to change size but for many women hormones (estrogen) pills intake, and weight gain have increased their size to some degree and have given women some sense of control over their bust size.

Most woman while pregnant have experienced breast growth due to hormones changes additional an imbalance in hormones in woman also is a contributing factor in why some women’s boobs are bigger than other women. Diets and exercise also play a role in getting the right bust size one desires for a bigger bust size.

Foods To Increase Breast Size

Foods for natural breast enlargement include: cucumbers, eggs, papaya, pumpkins, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, fish, meat, and plums. A diet should also have dairy items such as yogurt, cheese, milk and yams. Also fatty oils play a factor these fatty oils can be found in seeds such as in linseed, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Other sources of fats include; olive and olive oil, avocado and avocado oil, oats and raw nuts. Additionally herbs as wild yam, saw palmetto, and fennel have shown to increase the bust size. But all this foods, herbs, and fatty acids must be taken in the right combination to see the benefits. Which brings us back to the extensive programs, eBooks and articles on how to get bigger boobs which one can find online today.

Boost Your Bust Book Contents

This publication is a 57 page report on how to increase your bust size by 2 cups within 8 weeks although some women found in increase within 3 weeks. The results vary because each woman’s body is different. Jenny Bolton is just in average woman who desired to have a bigger cup size and after years of research she has found the best effective technique in how to get bigger boobs. Here are a few things she covers in her report:

  • cost effective natural breast enhancement cream forumla-background information why certain have bigger breast
  • the science behind natural breast ehancement and the important role hormones play
  • guide lines to follow to avode negative side effects in your pursue of bigger breast
  • tips on getting firmerer and remaining the size you want.

The above preview of is covered in 7 chapters each chapter is informative and extensive. In chapter 4 she covers the top 3 herbs for increase your bust size. In chapter 6 you will learn the effective method in stopping your breast from sagging and losing it’s firmness.

Like stated early the right combination or formula is needed to successfully increase one’s breast size and Jenny’s book just does exactly that by providing the guidelines that almost guarantee a bigger cup size. Also she list the right foods and massage technique to naturally get bigger boobs.